ProxEnrem - specialized for production of enzymes

They have problem of:
1 Diverse enzymes are environment friendly and cost effective, however, they are not widely used due to difficulties in industrial scale production
2 Genetic engineering made it possible to produce and use industrial enzymes in some fields, however, only 9% of chemical catalysts were replaced by enzymes (McKinsey report 2012). The other 91% remained to be replaced by enzymes

There is a solution! ProxEnrem has:
1 developed novel fungal systems that are economical and convenient for genetic engineering and eventually for industrial massive enzyme production.
2 Partially owned an intellectual property for the genetic engineering technology. And produced vast amount of raw data toward protein production and ready for file patent applications.
3 Over 400 genetically engineered strains of transcription factors and other genes are subjects for patent applications.
ProxEnrem is building fungal protein production systems to satisfy industrial level of massive enzyme production for various kind of products, such as phytases, proteins for research use of drug development, enzyme blends hydrolyzing phenol wastes, tooth whiteners without side effects, and other products that have never been used before.

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